Fossil Fitness Tracker Review

Fossil Fitness Tracker Review

Fossil is a well-known company that is known for manufacturing timepieces that are durable, trendy, and cost a reasonable amount of money. Given their competitive features and specs, their smartwatches are regarded as some of the best on the market today. This company has a history of releasing smartwatches based on the Google Wear OS platform. They are well-designed to provide you with the most up-to-date technologies while maintaining a timeless look.

Smartwatches have elevated fitness tracking to new heights. It’s simple to keep track of your workouts, runs, swim laps, steps, and more from the palm of your hand. Furthermore, fitness trackers can be used to monitor your heart rate while counting calories burned. And now, a Fossil fitness tracker brings it all to a whole new level.

The Fossil Sport is their most recent model, and it’s the first to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. This article will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of some of their products as well as the qualities to look for. It’s a thorough Fossil fitness tracker review that focuses on the watches’ most striking features.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review

The Fossil Sport Smartwatch is a stylish, easy-to-wear smartwatch that is well worth the money. It’s the perfect workout buddy. This swim-proof timepiece has a built-in GPS that allows you to measure distances, paces, and other metrics. Because it is the first smartwatch to have Qualcomm’s upgraded Snapdragon Wear 3100 engine, it has caught the market off guard.

This processor is the long-awaited successor to the Wear 2100, so expect big things from it. The Fossil Sport watch comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to select one that complements your personal style. It also has heart-rate monitoring for added convenience.

Design And Features Of Fossil Sport smartwatch

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This smartwatch has the same classic look like a traditional watch, with three buttons on the right and a round dial. The central button, which also serves as a functioning crown, can be used to adjust the volume or navigate menus. The remaining two can be changed to open any app.

This smartwatch is available in two sizes: 41mm and 43mm, both at the same price. The 41mm watch has a narrower strap and a smaller watch face. The watch’s upper portion is made of aluminum, while the lower portion is made of nylon plastic.


This smartwatch is lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a silicone strap that is easy to clean. This watch, on the other hand, has a toy-like quality to it and hence does not have a luxury feel to it. This watch has a 1.2-inch OLED display with automatic brightness adjustment in response to environmental light. Even in direct sunshine, this display is viewable.

The 22m straps are detachable, allowing you to swap them out for alternative styles. The charging pod is held in place by a magnetic ring on the bottom of the watch. This feature allows you to easily snap the charger on and off without having to align the charging pins to specified locations.

Given its lightweight design, this smartwatch is generally comfortable to wear. It also looks great on any wrist. In terms of features, it comes with a whopping 4GB of internal storage. An accelerometer, gyroscope, heart-rate tracking, ambient light sensor, and altimeter are all included in this watch.

It also features NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth capabilities. A microphone is included, however, there is no speaker. The Wear OS app is used by this smartwatch, which is compatible with both iOS and Android.


The touch sensitivity on the display is excellent, allowing for fluid interaction with the settings and menus. When an app is first released, there is a minor delay. The Google Assistant services can be accessed in a matter of seconds. With the new ultra-low power co-processor ambient sensing, the new Snapdragon 3100 chip promises greater battery life and motion tracking.

Fit Workout, Fit Breath, Nike Run Club, and Fit are among the preinstalled apps on the Wear OS. You can always get new apps from the Play Store, but the selection is limited. Other apps, such as Uber and Spotify, may require clearance before they can work, which you can do from your phone.

You may choose from a variety of watch faces on the smartwatch, including background photographs from your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The custom faces can be saved in your fossil app for easy access. Wear OS also allows for simple navigation. When you press the crown, you’ll be taken to all of your apps, with the three most recent apps appearing first. The touchscreen or the crown can be used to scroll through the list.


With basic smartwatch functions, the Fossil fitness smartwatch excels. The notifications are easy to read, and incoming calls are signaled by a gentle vibration. You may use the watch to manage the music playing on your phone quickly and easily. When coupled with iPhones over Android smartphones, however, its usability is limited. Even without the watch app, you can rapidly respond to chat notifications on Android devices.

Another feature of this wristwatch is the ability to download and play music directly from the watch. It includes GPS and steps tracking because it is a fitness-oriented smartwatch. With these advantages, the fossil watch accuracy is unrivaled. The heart-rate monitoring is also precise, and the results are consistent with those of the Appel series 1.

This watch is the most precise in the market for tracking steps. The Google Fit app, on the other hand, does not include a sleep tracking feature, so you’ll have to rely on third-party apps. This fitness tracker watch from Fossil is water-resistant. The Google Fit app, on the other hand, does not include swim-tracking capability, so you’ll have to rely on third-party apps.

Battery Life of Fossil Sport:

This watch has fairly long battery life. If you disable the always-on display and limit your usage to just viewing and replying to messages, you can get up to 24 hours (25 hours on average) of battery life. When the battery is low, it does not give you a warning but instead switches to a low-power mode that only shows the time. It can last up to two days in this state before finally dying. It simply takes approximately an hour to fully charge this watch.


  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Bright and legible display
  • In-built GPS
  • Swim-proof


  • Poor battery life
  • Wear OS can feel sluggish
  • No native sleep or swim tracking

Comparison of Fossil Smartwatches

The Fossil fitness watches are a terrific place to start if you’re looking for a new smartwatch.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle – Best Overall

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It has a traditional look and is simple to use. The bands can be modified and it comes in two color options. The watch features a small and lightweight design, yet it is packed with technology. It also includes an 8GB storage capacity, a powerful processor, NFC, and GPS. A heart-rate monitor and precise fitness tracking are also included.

Fossil Gen 4 Venture – Best Value

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It also has a timeless appearance. The case comes in a variety of colors, and the band may be changed out. There are various sensors on this watch, including GPS, NFS, and a heart rate monitor. It has a solid processor, 512 MB of RAM, and a bright display. This watch can track your swimming and is water-resistant. It’s a fantastic watch that will help you save money.

Best For Fitness – Fossil Sport

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The full review of this smartwatch can be found above. It is fitness-oriented and suitable for everyone who enjoys working out. This watch is lightweight and easy for everyone to wear. You can also rely on it to get you through your workout sessions. It boasts a powerful processor and plenty of internal storage.

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna – Best For Fashion

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This smartwatch is a little more stylish. It boasts a Snapdragon 3100 engine, an 8GB storage capacity, a speaker, and a microphone, among other things. There are two case designs available for this watch: rose gold and black.

Fossil Hybrid HR – Best Hybrid Watch

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You may desire to combine a classic look with smartwatch functions on occasion. The Fossil Hybrid HR is a hybrid watch that combines the best of both worlds. This watch allows you to personalize the display to your liking. Other features include music storage, mobile payments, and GPS navigation. It also has a longer battery life than other variants.


Is a Fossil Smartwatch worth buying?

Yes, these timepieces are still worth purchasing today. There’s a lot to like about these smartwatches. They’re made with classic style and cutting-edge technology to help you live your best life. You can always connect to the convenience of technology with their unique style. The majority of fossil smartwatches provide standard smartwatch functions including Google Pay, notifications, access, heart-rate monitoring, and third-party app access. Furthermore, the watch faces and dials can be easily customized to match your personal taste.

These smartwatches are all powered by Google’s Wear OS and are compatible with both iOS and Android. The functionalities that are supported may differ between platforms. Other outstanding features of these timepieces include a beautiful design that is likely to catch anyone’s eye. This aspect also makes them adaptable because they may be worn for any occasion, from formal to casual get-togethers, as well as to the gym. You also don’t have to be concerned about them complementing your attire. The straps are detachable, allowing you to swap them out for others of your choosing.

Another outstanding aspect is the large battery. Unlike other smartwatches, you can use this one for an entire day. They do not, however, allow for wireless charging. It only takes an hour to fully charge them. Other characteristics to look for are accurate fitness tracking and water resistance.

How long do Fossil Smartwatches Last?

The battery life of Fossil smartwatches is adequate. Depending on how they’re used, they can last up to 25 hours on a single charge. They could last a day if you disable the always-on display and limit your use to only viewing and responding to messages. When the battery is low, these watches alert you, but instead of displaying the time, they switch into a low-power mode. It can last up to two days in this state before finally dying. It simply takes approximately an hour to fully charge this watch.

How Accurate are Fossil Fitness Smartwatches?

Among other brands, Fossil fitness trackers are considered to be fairly accurate. The watch is accurate for the most part, however, some users complain that it can be off at times. Their step and distance-covered tracking are a little tough, but it’s not impossible. The general accuracy, according to the testers, is above average, therefore you can consider it accurate.

The Final Word On Fossil Fitness Tracker Review

Exercise tracker watches from Fossil are wonderful smartwatches for fitness enthusiasts. If you’re seeking a workout buddy, you won’t find a better choice than her. These watches are jam-packed with features to provide the best possible user experience and functionality.

Furthermore, they combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary styles to suit any taste. This fossil smartwatch review will assist you in better understanding the items, as well as their features and specifications. Fossil watches are both attractive and useful. The Fossil fitness tracker app is extremely simple to use and can be used by anyone.

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