TRAVELLING: “Travelling, a modern lifestyle”

Travelling is an action which means moving from one place to another. Travelling can be also seen as a hobby, career or lifestyle. Many people love to travel and profiles like travel agencies, travel bloggers etc have pursued travelling as a career. People with transfer jobs are used to migrating from one place to another.

In history, there were railway systems and classic ships where people used to reach another place in a very long time. The reason for travelling was to search for a good place to live or explore the places. They mostly used to walk barefoot to travel from place to place.

Nowadays, people have several vehicles to travel far places and reach within hours or 2-3 days. We have lots of facilities than we had in past. Airports are preferable to travel fast in longer distances quickly. Before, people used to travel less but due to the increase in technology and maximum usage of resources people are travelling more than they had travelled before. The benefit of travelling is to meet new people with different cultures and make good networks and connections. It also helps us to grab knowledge about the places we visit, for instance, historical places.


Stress free life:

Travelling has made people’s life stress-free and given them thousands of reasons to live, Some people name travelling as freedom because many people are not allowed to step outside their homes to see and experience the world.

People dealing with depression and anxiety get healed when they travel because they start thinking that life is beautiful too. Some people don’t like to travel as it charges expensive money and they are afraid of what the outside world looks like. Travelling is beneficial as it helps us to live with mixed religions but it is making a loss of underdeveloped countries facing unemployment as educated people are migrating to another place.

Every place belongs to a different culture which is why adaptation to foreign customs get difficult for migrants. Sometimes travelling may get unethical to do corruption, abuse rights or create environmental issues. So every visitor or migrant has to be aware of the positive and negative impacts, wherever they go.

Travelling is indirectly related to our economy and directly related to our environment and society. To make a journey sustained, we have to be ethical people first, so that we can be aware people of it. Therefore, the travelling word is a verb and it has helped us and sometimes it has been intolerable but it has become a very important part of our lives.

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