Top 10 Best Office Chair For Wide Hips 2022 Reviews

Top 10 Best Office Chair For Wide Hips 2022 Reviews

Best Office Chair For Wide Hips, Feeling confined in a chair can be normal, particularly assuming that you’re somebody with wide hips. People with wide hips are bound to press their hips on the edges of the seat. Moreover, sitting for significant stretches places the hip flexors in an abbreviated position, causing them to straighten out and become more vulnerable.

Fortunately, there are ergonomic office chairs in the market that give adequate space and loosen up the hip muscles. We’ll cover the ten best office chair for wide hips and let you know how to pick the best one.

The Best Office Chairs for Wide Hips

1. Steelcase Gesture – Overall Best Office Chair for Wide Hips

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  • Adjustable seat depth helps to ensure proper posture to prevent hip pain
  • Flexible seat edge and seat cushion design helps to relieve pressure in buttocks and hips
  • 3D LiveBack technology mimics and adapts to posture changes to avoid lower back pain
  • 360-degree armrest lets you work with multiple devices
  • 400 lb weight capacity


  • One of the most expensive chairs in the market

The sign of Steelcase chairs, particularly the Gesture, is flexibility. The Gesture is outfitted with versatile ergonomic elements that conform to a wide scope of positions and body types. People with wide hips can surely profit from its novel ergonomic elements.

The Gesture includes a seat pad with worked-in air pockets. This versatile reinforcing pad will copy your movements and forestall pressure develop from any single region. In this manner, it works really hard of wiping out pain in the hip flexors.

Moreover, armrests can disrupt everything, particularly for people with wide hips. The Gesture has armrests that can turn 360-degrees, permitting you to move them further away from you. This gives more space for the hips and supports your forearms while working.

The pose is one more basic angle to hip support. Sitting in a position where your knees are equal or somewhat higher than your hips forestalls hip pain. The Gesture includes a 3D LiveBack Technology, explicitly planned free flexors that adjust to all your movements. As you switch stances over the course of the day, these flexors keep on moving to support your back. In this way, it’s a lot simpler to keep an upstanding stance and forestall any pain in your back or hips.

2. Herman Miller Aeron Size C – Best Wide Office Chair for Hip Pain

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  • Wide seat width dimensions give users plenty of space
  • Elastomeric suspension relieves buttocks and hip pressure
  • PostureFit SL supports both the lumbar and base of the spine
  • 8Z pellicle mesh allows airflow to pass
  • Harmonic Tilt adjusts to your weight, keeping you balanced while reclining


  • No seat depth adjustment

Hip pain is ordinarily brought about by pressure develop that happens while sitting similarly situated for significant stretches. Herman Miller Aeron is furnished with a lot of ergonomic highlights that assist to forestall hip pain and other wellbeing concerns connected with sitting.

Rather than the exemplary froth cushioned seat, the Aeron utilizes an exceptional woven 8Z pellicle network that expects to lighten strain and hotness develop. The cross-section has an elastomeric suspension trademark where there are different pressure focuses.

Around the edges, the lattice is almost impenetrable and gets looser towards the middle. The adaptability of the cross-section keeps the bodyweight equally circulated. Besides, it empowers movement and will flex as you move in your seat for ceaseless support.

The Aeron is accessible in three sizes: A, B, and C. We suggest picking the size C for people with wide hips since it’s very roomy. It has a width of 28 inches, a lot wider than most office chairs. The additional room forestalls feeling confined in your seat. Squeezing against the edges of the seat or armrest can prompt hip pain.

3. Dumont Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Office Chair for Wide Hips Under $300

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  • Very affordable office chair
  • A high-density foam pad relieves pressure and prevents hip pain
  • Two-way adjustable lumbar support encourages good posture
  • Mesh backrest keeps users cool
  • Adjustable headrest alleviates neck tension


  • The backrest only reclines up to 120 degrees

There are many people who lean toward straightforwardness. Despite the fact that there is nothing unique about the Duramont chair, it’s an incredible low-estimated office chair that gives powerful ergonomics.

This chair offers lumbar support that is profundity and tallness flexible. Accordingly, it energizes a great stance, meaning an upstanding back and the knees are corresponding with the hips. Sitting in the legitimate stance goes quite far to taking pressure off the hips. Also, the Duramont chair includes a high-thickness froth cushion that appropriates weight equitably. Consequently, there’s no developed tension in one explicit region.

Leaning back backward mitigates the pressure put on the lower back. Users can smoothly lean back with the slant strain change. You can change how much opposition is required giving you a smooth leaning back experience.

Not all office chairs accompany a headrest. It’s great that Duramont offers a tallness and profundity flexible headrest. Commonly, the headrest fills in as a sign to keep your stance upstanding. Moreover, this chair includes an adaptable cross-section backrest to permit ventilation through the seat.

4. Steelcase Series 1 – Best Office Chair for Wide Hips Under $500

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  • Adjustable seat depth promotes good posture, which prevents hip pain
  • Lack of hard edges and wide seat dimension is great for people with wide hips
  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • 4D adjustable arms maximize forearm comfort
  • LiveBack technology has flexors that adjust to support micromovements


  • The armrests feel a little flimsy

The Steelcase Series 1 resembles the younger sibling of the Gesture. It has a portion of the mark includes that Steelcase brings to the table, with the exception of it being considerably more affordable for the normal user. The Series 1 is as yet an incredible pick for wide-hip people in spite of its lower cost.

Series 1 takes a load off profundity change, permitting users to position the seat pan forward or backward. Consequently, it guarantees your back is appropriately against the backrest without removing dissemination at the knees. A great stance brings about less weight on the hip flexors and keeps your back without pain.

Furthermore, Series 1 has great highlights to support your back. It offers their Comfort Dial Back Control, where you can lean back into three positions. The high-level weight-enacted instruments offer natural support that consequently changes the back strain in light of your weight. In this manner, it feels inconceivably smooth and adjusted while sitting in a leaned back position.

Users can likewise profit from the customizable lumbar support and LiveBack innovation flexors. You can either slide the support up or down to guarantee that the support fits exactly in the bend of your lower back. The LiveBack flexors will flex and twist in your lower back to support evolving positions.

5. Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs – Plus size office chair for wide hips

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  • Soft leather
  • Support up to 500 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lumbar support
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Nylon smooth-rolling casters
  • Great stability and mobility


  • Not good footstep

Whether you spend numerous hours in the office, before a PC, or messing around, our Big and Heavy Chair is based on solid, comfortable surfing. Each component of this chair is intended to guarantee that you don’t feel worried, in pain, or uncomfortable, in any event, while sitting for significant stretches of time.

The additional seat and rearward sitting arrangement are ergonomically intended to fit the body, ease muscle pain, and further develop pose. Wipe pads are extremely thick, exceptionally thick, and are fitted with a breathable PU skin that is solid and simple to clean.

The seats sit on a BIFMA-confirmed strong steel base, which gives steadiness and versatility of up to 500 lbs, and a wide 360 ​​° wide movement of solid metal nylon so you can without much of a stretch slide between dynamic channels.

Huge and heavy office chair with soft PU calfskin and one-of-a-kind look, as well as a minimal work area chair for most extreme comfort. The top seat has business range areas, supporting up to 500lbs.

The work area chair accompanies all the vital equipment and devices. Adhering to the guidelines of the managing officer, you will find it simple to set up, and the chairman of the administrative center will change the gathering time to 10-15 minutes.

Comfortable Strength, Flexible – Our office chair has a breathable PU cowhide configuration, keeps air streaming normally from the top seat keeps sweat, and the Back were not excessively hot.

6. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall – Computer chair for wide hips

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  • Breathable mesh back
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Synchro-tilt feature
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Comfortable adjustments


  • Pads may begin to deteriorate.

The HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair With Lumbar Support, Height-and Width-Adjustable Arms, in Black, is an all-around planned office chair for a decent purchaser. This PC seat and back are joined with a breathable net, supported by the lumbar, to give additional comfort.

The slanted pivot of the middle turns the seat to and fro to keep it in a leaning back position. With an open pan, this office chair seats users of different sizes. The work area chair has arm lengths and flexible width that gives comfort and completely redid support.

Elements, for example, synchro-slant, slant lock, slant pressure, and seat tallness permit ergonomic changes that keep you comfortable, dependable. The seat has a five-star base made of reinforced tar and has a 360-degree turn that gives unlimited movement.

HON isn’t yet a notable term for office furniture short-term. Beginning around 1944 our items have assisted producers with preferring you to get more triumph for the functioning day.

Setting the equilibrium before completing keeps us zeroed in on performance, not simply looks. The outcomes are basic, clean items that don’t become dated. HON office furniture is intended for people who are engaged to give their all.

7. Double Plush CaressoftPlus – Plus size office chair for wide hips

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  • Heavy-duty spring-tilt mechanism
  • Support your spine
  • Easily adjust height durable bonded leather
  • Best stability
  • Support up to 400 pounds


  • The plastic part of the fabric may cheap

Our padded chairs make an extraordinary expansion to any office, board room, or study region. Weighing 400 pounds [400 kg] makes it appropriate for a wide assortment of body types. All around planned with Caressoft dark and lively collapsing arms implanted in a metal wrap with a trendy plan for most extreme comfort.

As far as self-guideline, the seat highlights further developed gas seat tallness change, as well as heavy spring incline activity.

Some of the time common office chairs are less appropriate. Intended for bigger and taller users, the Boss B991 Heavy Duty Big and Tall Executive Chair offers a lovely, proficient style, yet in addition complex support for the entire day’s comfort. Seat exchange seats support 400 pounds, while its solid plan endures heavy, regular use.

Movable 6 “width plan and supported by lifting heavy pneumatic force – bring down the seat, simply plunk down and lift the effectively open-air control handle until you arrive at your ideal position.

The underlying lumbar seat offers additional help for the lower back, while its ergonomic sliding locks permit you to put the seat in your favored position.

8. Steelcase Leap Plus – Best Wide Office Chair for Heavy People

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  • Wide dimensions and thick padded seat cushion provides users with wide hips, more space, and better comfort
  • Natural Glide System technology allows users to maintain good posture and within reach of their work while reclining
  • Supports up to 500 lbs
  • Chair ships fully assembled, and Steelcase provides a 12-year warranty
  • 4D adjustable armrest keeps arm supported and in alignment with desk


  • Design is quite basic

Observing ergonomic office chairs for heavy people isn’t simple all the time. Unfortunately, there are fewer choices accessible. Be that as it may, the Steelcase Leap Plus is a fantastic decision for heavy people. That is on the grounds that it supports an unimaginable 500 pounds and feels tough while sitting on it.

The Steelcase Leap Plus keeps up with every one of the elements that the first Leap has aside from it offering denser froth cushioning and bigger aspects for heavy users and people with wide hips.

Like most Steelcase chairs, this one element is the 3D LiveBack innovation, which flexes and adjusts to your movement and body shape. With ceaseless support, the lumbar bend stays in salvageable shape. Subsequently, this guarantees a solid stance and appropriate hip arrangement.

Another champion element is the synchro-slant. For every two degrees that the user slants back, the seat will ascend by just a single degree. This guarantees that the thighs are reliably corresponding to the floor and the hip is the inappropriate arrangement. Additionally, it keeps you reachable for your work area to permit you to work even while in a leaned-back position.

9. BOLISS Ergonomic Office Computer Desk Chair – Overall best office chair for wide hips

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  • Arm waist support
  • Support up to 500 pounds
  • Smooth PU casters
  • Arms with soft pillows
  • Mesh back


  • Height adjustment doesn’t work

Item office chairs “BOLISS” are of great and particularly lovely and truly comfortable with comfortable seats that conform to the ergonomics idea. Therefore, their items have been effectively promoted in Europe, America, Japan, Australia, and other created nations.

With the expansion of the modern chain, the company cautiously plans the item quality control structure for each company, and creation is refined to make a total creation line. Their plan idea from the vibe of the shade, the inside quality, the item includes is profoundly incorporated. All thoughts and realities are completely coordinated.

Formed froth pad, utilization of two-layer texture wrapped, remain soft and comfortable, won’t sit on hardwood, stretch long enough at the hips won’t feel pain, ergonomically made endlessly back network, adequately flexible.

Enormous limit of 500 pounds, office chair wide enough for grown-ups to utilize, stable chair, and office work area chair long workspace and business office.

Around arms with a soft pad, a Seat can be put under the work area to save room space when not being used. The back can be locked by two levels. Quiet the PU castors in the workspace to forestall scratching on the floor.

All frills fulfill guideline BIFMA, Seat is intended to be conservative, reduced, smaller, and imperceptible, won’t sit on strong wood.

10. La-Z-Boy Delano – Best Leather Office Chair for Wide Hips

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  • Wide dimensions give users lots of space
  • Memory foam cushioning contours to the body and relieves hip and buttocks pressure
  • Bonded leather feels smooth and soft
  • The base is built with steel plate and thick plywood for durability
  • Supports up to 350 pounds


  • The armrest isn’t adjustable

Assuming comfort is your need, there aren’t numerous office chairs that can contend with the La-Z-Boy Delano. This chair is furnished with numerous layers of adaptable padding pads all through the chair, particularly the seat pad.

Dissimilar to standard froth pads, adaptable padding gives body-embracing support that forms to your body shape. This guarantees more redid support in light of your body shape and movement. Moreover, it assists with easing pressure focused in your hips, bottom, back, knees, and shoulders.

In spite of the fact that calfskin chairs aren’t entirely breathable, they really do offer a decent refined touch to your inside space. The Delano utilizes extravagant pleather that is soft and smooth, which just improves the comfort of sitting. Joined with the rich mahogany wooden arms and base, you get an exemplary chief chair that mixes well with any inside plan.

One more extraordinary trait of the Delano is its solid development. This chair has been tried, supported, and confirmed by BIFMA guidelines. That implies that all parts have passed thorough norms to guarantee that all parts are feasible, though, and protected to utilize. It’s worked with tough parts, for example, a steel seat plate and a thick compressed wood base bringing about a weight limit of 350 pounds.

Choosing the Best Office Chair for Wide Hips – Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Office Chair For Wide Hips 2022 Reviews.
Best Office Chair For Wide Hips

Getting what highlights to search for can help while concluding what office chair to purchase. We’ll stop for a minute to consider with regards to the form quality, seat comfort movability, back support, and so forth

Materials and Build Quality

Most chairs will vary in the materials they use and their general form quality. The upholstery is the most recognizable distinction in the material. Some utilize calfskin upholstery, while others might utilize lattice or texture upholstery. As far as upholstery, it relies upon its nature.

Some calfskin-like modest false cowhide can be inclined to scrape spot. Be that as it may, the more excellent full-grain or even pleather can endure fundamentally longer assuming you’re willing to spend a smidgen more direct. On the off chance that you pick a cross-section or texture upholstery, we suggest a chair with an adaptable lattice material or a textured material with different layers.

As far as assemble quality, the chair base and casing assume a major part in toughness. Consider chairs that utilize a form of metal like steel or aluminum for the base and edge. These materials are the most grounded and last the longest.

Likewise, take a gander at the guaranteed strategy and whether the chair has any confirmations. On the off chance that a producer ensures a more extended guarantee, they are typically considerably more sure about the chair’s strength. For instance, premium chairs from brands like Steelcase and Herman Miller offer a 12-year guarantee. While lower quality brands normally offer 1-3 years of guarantee.

A producer may likewise send their chair to be tried by an outsider association like BIFMA. They test chairs and the singular parts for wellbeing and supportability. Normally, they ordinarily are tried in view of the base solidness, arm and back strength, seat drop, back pull, slant component performance, and so forth Search for chairs that have been BIFMA confirmed.

Open Seat Design

Chairs with a container configuration regularly can be prohibitive, particularly for people with wide hips. An open seat configuration implies the seat pan is totally level. A seat that bends up like a container can press against your hips. It’s critical to search for seats with a wide width estimation and open seat plan. For width, we suggest any seat width over 20 creeps to be bigger than normal.

Seat Comfort

Despite the fact that comfort can be emotional, there are parts that make a seat more comfortable. We observe that the vibe, point, profundity, and width of a seat are urgent components for seat comfort.

The vibe is the manner by which soft the seat feels on you. On the off chance that you sink in too far, it can hurt your stance and make it challenging to escape the chair. In any case, in the event that it’s excessively hard, it can incur pain and cause weight on your hips.

The point implies that your knees are corresponding to your hips and your thighs are opposite to the floor. The profundity assists with guaranteeing you get an appropriate backrest without removing course at the knees. Finally, the width assists with guaranteeing you have a lot of room to move in your seat.

With regards to comfort, we normally suggest a soft cross-section or very much cushioned seat. A soft lattice can permit more noteworthy adaptability which offers more prominent constant help. An all-around cushioned seat might make a superior showing in mitigating pressure and can be more comfortable to sit on.


Each ergonomic chair ought to be outfitted with numerous changes. The more changes a chair has, the better it can adjust to your necessities. Most chairs ought to have movable seat tallness, seat profundity, armrest, lean back, slant strain, synchro-slant, lumbar support, and here and there headrest.

The seat stature change is essential to keep your legs level and hips appropriately adjusted. A seat profundity guarantees tall users get the back support they need and short users have no cut-off available for use on their knees. Armrest change assists with supporting your forearms and mitigating tension in your shoulders and neck. The armrest keeps your wrist corresponding to the work area, which forestalls carpal passage disorder.

Back Support

There are a few parts that make up incredible back support. We search for lumbar support and versatility to evolving positions.

The lumbar locale takes a lot more noteworthy burden when in a seated position. The spine bends internal in the lower back locale, meaning it’s basic to fill the hole with support. This diminishes the weight on the lower back and guarantees you can keep an upstanding stance effortlessly.

The lumbar support ought to be flexible by stature and profundity. Tallness change allows you to move the support all over, so it fits unequivocally in the bend. Profundity change permits you to change how much support you get.

Besides, we suggest searching for chairs with a wide scope of lean back and shift strain movability. In spite of mainstream thinking, changing stance is ideal particularly while sitting for extended periods of time. It assists increment with blooding stream and forestalls touchiness. Besides, leaning back will diminish the heap put on your spine, permitting your back muscles to unwind. The slant strain flexibility allows you to change how much opposition is expected to lean back. It assists with keeping you feeling adjusted while sitting in a chair position.

Finally, you might need to think about a chair that offers nonstop support. For instance, the Embody includes their exclusive pixelated support and the Gesture utilizes their 3D LiveBack innovation. Fundamentally, they work to flex and agreement in view of your movements. For instance, assuming you incline somewhat in one heading, the backrest follows to guarantee you’re supported. A level backrest will leave you helpless against a throbbing painfulness on the grounds that the tension is probably going to be set in explicit regions.

Weight Capacity

Weight limit is frequently attached to fabricate quality. Continuously take a look at the weight limit of the item depiction before purchasing. For instance, an individual who weighs 300 pounds shouldn’t sit on a chair that has a most extreme weight limit of 250 pounds. This can prompt a diminished lifespan of the chair and might conceivably hurt the user.

By and large, chairs with higher weight limits utilize reinforced materials or have a solid base. They might even have a wider base to support the extra weight.


The financial plan assumes a huge part while concluding which chair to buy. Fortunately, our rundown of chairs differs in all cost ranges, giving you a lot of choices to browse.

For frugal people, we suggest the Duramont or Steelcase Series 1. The two of them offer the greater part of the standard changes you really want while as yet giving a few extraordinary ergonomic elements like the customizable lumbar support.

On the off chance that you can afford mid-level estimated chairs, we like the Secretlab Titan Evo. It has a lot of extravagant accessories that make it certainly worth the cost. For example, it accompanies many cool plans to browse. Likewise, it has an adaptive padding headrest cushion, remarkable upholstery choices, and an instinctive lumbar support framework.

For the people who need to augment usefulness and wellbeing, we suggest the Steelcase Gesture or Herman Miller Aeron C. Both proposition profoundly natural and versatile highlights that offer ceaseless support even while evolving stances. They’re additionally amazing in dispensing with pressure so you feel comfortable while sitting.

FAQs On The Best Office Chair For Wide Hips

Assuming you’ve made it this far, you might in any case have a couple of unanswered inquiries. Here are every now and again posed inquiries we get about this point.

What is the best office chair for your hips?

As we would see it, the Steelcase Gesture gets approval for being the best office chair for your hips. It has wide aspects and an open seat pan. Moreover, it’s outfitted with a wide cluster of innovation and customizability to keep your hips adjusted and liberated from discomfort.

For example, the 3D LiveBack innovation will curve and flex to keep your back supported while evolving stance. Keeping a sound stance keeps your hips adjusted. At the point when you slouch, the hip muscles abbreviate and cause firmness. Besides, the versatile supporting pad assists with lightening tension in your hips, keeping you without pain.

What is the most comfortable office chair for long hours?

With regards to comfort, we like the Herman Miller Aeron C. It’s roomy, adaptable, and feels light to sit on. Many people have portrayed the Aeron as “sitting on a cloud.”

That is expected to the elastomeric suspension in their 8Z pellicle network material. It’s most secure at the edges and looser in the middle. The shifting strains guarantee adaptability in the lattice, which assists with wiping out pressure focuses. By reallocating the strain equitably, it nearly feels like you’re sitting on a soft surface, regardless of the way that it doesn’t utilize froth cushioning.

What is the most comfortable office chair for large people?

We accept the Steelcase Leap Plus is the most comfortable for enormous people. That is on the grounds that it can support as much as 500 pounds and offers a lot of pads. The hard nylon casing and steel base assistance keep you feeling solid while sitting.

How to fix a squeaky office chair?

Assuming the wellspring of the squeaking is behind the seat, this might be because of a wellspring of grating in the sources. Apply the greasing up oil to the seat pressure – you will find this inside the turn-handle housing. Release the turn-handle and remove it to lube the spring.

Last Thoughts On Best Office Chairs for Wide Hips

Picking the best office chair for wide hips can be all in all an assignment, essentially because of the restricted choices accessible on the lookout. With the rundown given above, you will track down the most proper chair for heavy people. You’ll without a doubt observe a chair that impeccably fits you since I put forth a valiant effort and included chairs of various sticker costs and styles.

Additionally, remember that picking the right chair is exceptionally abstract. Since not set in stone by private inclination, it’s best on the off chance that you can evaluate various chairs at an actual store. You likewise need to recollect that an office chair breaks down quicker assuming you have more body weight.

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