Top 10 Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors In 2022

Top 10 Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors In 2022

Today we will discuss new and experienced best laptops for YouTubers 2022 users on FocalReviews and we will know. Instructions to perform the smooth user used and YouTube working.

Video blogger. Concur, this word has become to some degree typical. Presently countless individuals have their own websites on YouTube, and the assortment of channels is continually expanding.

The objectives of their creation and subjects are assorted. Just something single remaining parts unaltered – the requirement for video handling. It is generally helpful to do this, obviously, on fixed machines.

In any case, once in a while, it is more advantageous to pick the best laptops for YouTubers for videos editing. Primarily such gadgets are important to individuals who regularly travel. It is as yet awkward to take a framework unit with a screen and every one of the peripherals to some show or while going to another country. What’s more, the laptop fits effectively into your sack.

In any case, only one out of every odd choice will work. Remember that video editing requires genuinely elite performance from a laptop. It will be uncomfortable to work with a frail laptop, at times even unthinkable.

Best Laptops For Youtubers

Top 10 Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors In 2022
Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors In 2022

Is it challenging to choose which laptop to decide for video editing? Some will say that everything is self-evident: it is important to take what is all the more impressive assuming the budget fits. Practically speaking, unfortunately, this approach doesn’t continuously work. Obviously, greater efficiency will permit you to invest less energy taking care of business and tackle more troublesome undertakings.

Yet, assuming you need to pay for the power with independence, unloading frequencies under load or colossal size, and heavyweight, then, at that point, this is probably not going to satisfy the purchaser. What’s more, these are not every one of the subtleties that should be thought about when purchasing. Therefore, it is much easier to choose laptops according to reviews from experts, specialists, and experienced proprietors.

10 Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors In 2022 Reviews

1. ASUS X570UD – Best overall for YouTubers And Video Editors

81LR8jODMDL. AC SX425 min


  • Weightless than 2 kilograms;
  • Build quality of the case;
  • Comfortable keyboard;
  • Good autonomy;
  • The presence of two drives;
  • Good performance;
  • Simplicity of RAM / ROM upgrade.


  • Small height of rubber feet;
  • Medium load (and higher) already causes CO noise

The cool X570UD from ASUS arrives in a mediocre, one could even say provincial box made of dark cardboard. Notwithstanding, inside the user is welcomed with a polished gadget with a somewhat precise plan. The laptop case is made of solid plastic with a unique surface that shines beautifully in the light.

On the back are specialized information, air admission vents, 4 elastic feet, and a couple of descending confronting speakers. There is a little protest to the last because on specific surfaces the sound becomes not extremely charming.

Here is our decision on the Best Laptop Brand In The World.

The arrangement of connection points in a laptop is very great: upwards of four USB ports, including one Type-C, a consolidated amplifier/earphone yield, HDMI for displaying pictures on a screen, and Ethernet. There is likewise a card peruser, yet just for microSD. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a cell phone rather than a camera, this isn’t an issue.

2. HP ProBook 450 G6 – Best Budget Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors

71HTRq7Wb5L. AC SX522 min


  • Intel Core i7-8565U processor;
  • solid screen;
  • autonomy about 12.5 hours (office);
  • spacious hybrid storage;
  • can be equipped with a fingerprint scanner;
  • nice keyboard backlighting (optional).


  • Wi-Fi internet is not stable;
  • single-channel memory;
  • the fingerprint scanner does not match the price of the laptop.

Best budget laptops for YouTubers. Most importantly, an excellent laptop model at an affordable value HP ProBook 450 G6 is intended for corporate users. Yet, assuming that we take the form with discrete illustrations, which came to our review, then, at that point, it is very appropriate for working with video.

The laptop framework can be either IPS or VA-like. The second shading interpretation is somewhat more regrettable, however, the dark tone on such a screen is a lot further.

The capacity in the HP laptop is a mixture. A 256 GB SSD is accessible for the framework and applications, and a 1 TB HDD is allotted for different projects and different records that occupy a ton of room. The RAM out of the container in the gadget is 8 GB, however, it is effectively expandable up to 32.

3. Acer Predator Triton 500 – Best High-Quality Laptops

71VmlANJMOL. AC SX679 min


  • premium build;
  • high-quality display at 144 Hz;
  • well-chosen iron;
  • effective cooling;
  • high-quality keyboard;
  • a pair of high-speed SSDs.


  • no SD card slot;
  • decent value.

From cheap however excellent laptops, we are continuing on to similarly cool premium arrangements. Also, obviously, it would be wrongdoing not to think about Acer’s heavenly Predator Triton 500 among others. With a thickness of 17.9 mm, unobtrusive for this class, this model got a Core i5-8300H processor and strong discrete designs RTX 2070, with which it is extremely charming to alter videos and appreciate games.

The laptop is for the most part made of aluminum. However, you should pay for its unwavering quality with expanded ruining. Concealed inside the laptop is a group of four of imaginative AeroBlade 3D turntables (matches per CPU and GPU). They furnish a satisfactory degree of clamor with low warming of the parts. The console region is for all intents and purposes not warmed during the cycle.

Coincidentally, there are for all intents and purposes no bad things to say about the last option. The key reaction is great, the buttons are comfortable, beautifully illuminated (adaptable three-zone RGB), and are obviously named. You can see a major problem with the area of the power button. However, it is improbable that numerous users will go to that length to tap on the Delete button.

4. ASUS ROG GL731GT – Best Large And Heavy Laptops

812lf4GIRjL. AC SX425 min


  • SSD of impressive capacity 1 TB;
  • several graphics options;
  • one of the best screens on the market;
  • frameless design;
  • great speakers;
  • comfortable keyboard with pleasant backlighting;
  • almost silent cooling system;
  • HDMI, RJ-45, and charging jack are on the back.


  • A webcam, if you need it, you will have to buy it;
  • the card reader is also not provided by the manufacturer.

ROG is the gaming division of ASUS, which basically creates large and heavy laptops. The GL731GT model can barely be known as a child either, yet considering the screen slanting of 17.3 inches, the heaviness of around 2.85 kg can’t be called excessively enormous. Furthermore, the “filling” is likewise very steady with a comparative mass.

In the first place, the premium laptop has an Intel Core i5-9300H processor, which is outfitted with 4 centers timed at 2.4 GHz. The agile and cold “stone” is supplemented by a useful GTX 1650 video card, so the gadget will be capable not exclusively to mount yet in addition to playing modern projects.

In the event that the force of the video card isn’t enough for your errands, then, at that point, the reach additionally incorporates alterations of this laptop with a GTX 1660 Ti and, surprisingly, an RTX 2060.

In any case, that is not too one of the most incredible video editing machines can please. It additionally has an astounding screen. What’s more, it’s not just about the size of the Full HD display, which is more qualified for handling pictures and videos, yet in addition about the shading version of the IPS framework and, obviously, the invigorate rate – it is here 120 Hz.

5. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Laptop 15.6″ – Best And Cheap Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors

71NzFL35JGL. AC SX522 min


  • High-quality metal body;
  • compact size and lightweight;
  • excellent display calibration;
  • good quality keyboard;
  • very good sound for its price tag;
  • long battery life.


  • The location of the power button will not please everyone;
  • if 16 GB of RAM is not enough for you, then you will not be able to expand the memory.

A somewhat cheap laptop for video editing can likewise be found in the collection of Samsung. The plan of Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 is somber, precise; the body is made of the aluminum compound. As a general rule, it is promptly observable that we are confronting a genuine gadget attempting to impersonate the “apple” models.

While picking a laptop from Samsung, remember that despite the fact that it has an Intel Core i7 processor, it has a place with energy-effective arrangements. That is, for the purpose of low warming, the power is cut here. However, the establishment of the “stone” is sufficiently still. It’s simply that the undertakings are not executed as quickly as on the processors with the “H” record.

The laptop is running home windows 10, introduced on a shrewd SSD with a volume of 512 GB (there could be no other store in the gadget). Among the points of interaction, the user will observe all that you really want, except for Ethernet. Be that as it may, Wi-Fi networks are wherever today, so issues with admittance to the Internet shouldn’t emerge.

6. HP ProBook 650 G5 – Best Cheap Laptops For Editing Youtube Videos

51TKdvqgtXL. AC SX522 min


  • Docking station support;
  • two types of video outputs;
  • built-in DVD drive;
  • Windows 10 Pro out of the box
  • cool IPS screen (FHD).


  • Does not read ordinary SD cards;
  • the price tag is somewhat overpriced.

Next is one more intriguing model from the American brand HP – ProBook 650 G5. This is a strong laptop that is extraordinary for video editing in 2022. In any case, remember that there are incorporated, and not discrete illustrations, so the laptop adapts to games extremely unremarkable (you can begin something basic).

On the left half of the ProBook 650 G5, there is just a Kensington lock, a cooling grille, and, suddenly, a floppy drive. In the event that, for instance, you fill in as the need might arise to occasionally give the client materials on plates, then such an expansion won’t be unnecessary. On the right are VGA and HDMI, a couple of USB Type-A ports and one USB-C, a card peruser for microSD and RJ-45, a charging jack, and a sound jack.

7. DELL G5 15 5590 – Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors

81QUSHJU0L. AC SX522 min


  • productive graphics;
  • modern processor;
  • interesting design;
  • competent location of ports;
  • reasoned cost;
  • SSD 128 GB + HDD 1 TB;
  • there are all the necessary connectors.


  • quite noisy under load;
  • hard drive is capacious, but not fast.

G5 15 5590 is one of the pearls from the incredible DELL organization. In addition, even in the market, all in all, the joined cost quality laptop takes exceptionally high places. You can decide it for editing or different errands as well as for genuine games. The laptop is furnished with a cool Full HD screen, made using IPS innovation, got a comfortable console with a numeric cushion and straightforward, as well as half and half stockpiling.

The plan of the G5 15 5590 is extremely controlled, and from the outset associate, you could never feel that there is a heap of i7-9750H and RTX 2060 stowing away here. The necessary least of RAM is 8 GB. Need more? Kindly purchase and introduce it yourself (up to 32 gigabytes). Or on the other hand, you can pay extra at first, yet at the same time, no one will introduce in excess of 16 GB. The battery here is sufficiently strong (60 W/h), so in the reviews, the laptop is lauded for its independence.

8. ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 – Best Laptop for YouTubers and Video Editors

81qoe0rmY4S. AC SX425 min


  • Two beautiful 4K touch OLED screens
  • Great bottom screen productivity
  • Amazing built quality
  • Feels great to use
  • Comfortable XL-size touchpad
  • Speedy SSD
  • Doesn’t overheat when using both screens


  • Expensive
  • Limited battery life
  • A small trackpad that doesn’t favor left-handed people
  • Audio could be better
  • A bit heavy

In the event that you are an iOS and Apple fan and love MacBooks, you ought to actually take a look at a second laptop on this rundown. In any case, on the off chance that you are used to working with Windows functional framework, this decision may be the best laptop for YouTubers in 2022. The two laptops are astonishing, however, how about we start with ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 Oled. However, it has a similar metallic body and shading as the ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 the UX582 is a savage machine. The Intel Core i9-10980HK CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070GPU, and 32GB of RAM make it simply ideal for video editing.

We were astonished by the 4K OLED primary screen which is totally staggering and shading precise however it tends to be inclined to glare. To take care of this issue simply purchase a matte screen defender and you will be great overall. Besides, the second screen simply over the console is extraordinarily useful with various applications.

Do note, because of its size, the subsequent screen maybe a piece hard to peruse more modest text except if you hang over it. In any case, it is exceptionally useful for video editing, yet additionally for messages, talking up clients, or toolbars when performing various tasks.

The console is OK however there is no space for palm rest. With respect to the fans, they are extremely tranquil while delivering, riding the web, or watching YouTube videos. Simply remember, the battery won’t keep going for long, particularly in the event that you are using the two screens. Another issue is that the laptop has no Ethernet and SD card peruser forcing you to purchase an outer center point. This is a piece frustrating thinking about its cost.

9. Dell XPS 15 7590 – All-Around Powerfull Laptop for Vloggers

71eRW 5KdEL. AC SX425 min


  • Webcam placement
  • It has a full SD card slot
  • The build quality is great
  • It has a 4k OLED display
  • Impressive internals


  • Speakers don’t have deep bass
  • Being a 5-pound laptop, it’s not easy to carry around for long

Assuming you are searching for one of the world’s most comfortable laptops with a strong processor for an incredible cost – the Dell 15.6 inches laptop is for you. Simple to move around, this 5 pounds slim and light ultrabook and strong laptop for vloggers opens its projects rapidly and furthermore alters photos and videos very quickly.

These are the primary justifications for why this laptop is truly outstanding for YouTubers. With the most extreme memory and capacity, you find the opportunity to store a lot of videos and photos.

Additionally, the ninth-era i7 processor empowers the photo and video envelopes to open quickly regardless of their size and furthermore be augmented to full estimate. Another incredible feature is the 4K OLED display choice that curiously matches the force of the laptop.

Besides, the battery duration is excellent that when it’s 98%, it offers more than eight hours when the framework is inactive. In any case, when a few applications are running for similar 98% offers over two hours of battery duration.

10. Apple MacBook Pro 15 – Best Laptop For Youtubers

61aUBxqc5PL. AC SX679 min


  • 4 USB-C ports at once;
  • perfect screen calibration;
  • resolution 2880 × 1800 pixels;
  • excellent keyboard;
  • perfectly matched iron combination ensures high processing speed;
  • minimal framework;
  • availability of TouchBar and Touch ID.


  • brand Space Gray case;
  • impressive cost.

Best Laptop For Youtubers And the TOP 10 is finished by a strong laptop with a decent screen from Apple. Plan and assemble, framework convenience and dependability, independence and display adjustment – for this multitude of pointers, the MacBook Pro 15 is basically unequaled. The curiosity has gotten a quick ninth-era Intel Core i7 processor, furnished with 6 centers with a clock speed of 2.6 GHz. In Turbo Boost mode, the “stone” can speed up to 4.5 GHz.

The designs gas pedal in an Apple laptop might be implicit. However, we selected a quicker arrangement with a discrete Radeon Pro 555X chip with 4GB of VRAM.

The current age of MacBook has a superior butterfly console. It has a lovely ride and the calmest conceivable activity. Truly one of a kind “chip” of the laptop is the TouchBar. It is a touch region instead of the capacity keys.

Notwithstanding the standard Esc, F1, F2, and others, you can display other oftentimes used buttons here. This feature, incidentally, not least makes this laptop the best choice for video editing and photo editing.

A Buying Guide for Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors

Top 10 Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors In 2022.
Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors In 2022

Center Processor

Continuously check for a laptop that has a strong multi-center processor, which will make the method involved with editing speedier for you. Intel’s Core i7 territory offers 6 centers alongside hyperthreading which is required for 4k video editing. You ought to search for at minimum Core i5 or comparable for 1080p videos.


Smash ought not to be under 16 GB. Typical laptops normally have 8 GB RAM. However, to make the laptop work appropriately without dialing back while opening applications, go for 16 GB or 32 GB RAM.

Storage Space

4k crude film or 1080p video, by and large, expects up to a few hundred GBs. So YouTube vloggers for the most part search for laptops that have 512 GB SSD or 1 TB hard drive.

A quick SSD can have an exchange speed fluctuating in the middle of 500 MB/second to 3 GB/second, which is fundamental for getting to film rapidly for editing.


For editing purposes, you will require a laptop with at minimum a 15-inch display and a goal of 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can go up to a 4k goal. You ought to likewise check the shading precision as not all displays are aligned similarly.


Some editing virtual products rely profoundly upon the realistic card for working appropriately. In this way, ensuring your laptop has discrete designs as a low-end realistic card will just make your work harder.

Battery Duration

These video laptops for the most part require a great deal of force and furthermore channel power exceptionally quick than normal laptops. In this way, ensure that assuming you plan to use your laptop for video editing and recording purposes then it has durable battery duration.


As a video maker, you will be expected to interface with some of the extra gadgets to create one top-notch video. In this way, you ought to search for –

  • A couple of Type A USB ports based on the latest USB 3.1 standard,
  • One latest Thunderbolt 3 port for faster transferring of files and easy connection with any external device,
  • A full size SD card slot, and
  • A headphone jack

Most importantly, assuming you additionally have an HDMI port and an ethernet port, they will be your reward.

This multitude of features will assist you with working without a hitch and henceforth convey the best quality video yield.

FAQ – Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors

What is a content creator laptop?

A laptop has essential use in editing and delivering videos for platforms like Youtube or Twitch. These laptops for the most part have high processing performance. From 3D modeling to 4k video delivery, you’ll require a strong machine. Content-creation specs will facilitate your interaction and increment your work process.

Which specs to look for when buying a laptop for content creating?

There are different variables to think about while buying a laptop for content creation. To get going you ought to search for a strong processor, for example, intel’s i3, i5, i7, or i9. The higher the number, the better the handling power is. Video editing will be smooth and quick, particularly on the off chance that you alter 4k videos with Adobe, After Effects, or Premiere programming.

What spec do I need to live stream video games on Youtube?

Aside from the high handling power, web-based video games require a top-of-the-line GPU. For best quality and performance, GeForce RTX series cards are enthusiastically suggested. With this kind of GPU, you can turn every one of the graphical impacts in-game on and give your watchers the best insight.

How much of a RAM do I need as a Youtuber?

It is suggested that you have somewhere around 8 gigabytes of RAM. With modern innovation being worked on every day, notwithstanding, YouTubers and other substance makers go up to 32 gigabytes of RAM. The more memory, the fewer worries. You can begin with a lower measure of memory and redesign effectively as the requirement for it rises.

Should I pay more for an internal or external drive?

In a perfect world, you ought to set aside the cash and buy both. Be that as it may, to get going your substance-making profession, center around the inward drive since you will do a large portion of your editing on it. The outside drive ought to be used for sponsorship up your information, so in the event that you need to decide, center around purchasing a quality interior drive first.

Conclusion – Best Laptops For YouTubers And Video Editors

So, the Laptops for video editors and YouTubers, We generally make an honest effort to observe the best arrangements for you, YouTube venture is presently particularly serious alongside enormous possibilities if you have any desire to begin your channel and develop quick, proficient quality videos that will assist you with this alongside informative substance.

The previously mentioned 10 best Laptops for YouTubers will assist you with editing your best videos for certain higher subtleties.

We have ordered this post to assist you with observing your incredible gadget with next to no concerns, there are a few different models likewise accessible on the lookout, however, these are our top picks up until this point.

On the off chance that you like this post, kindly offer this with different companions. Any inquiries/questions, drop a remark underneath.

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