The Lay of the Land in Esports


What Are the Most Popular Esports Games? Though the exact rankings of the most popular esports games vary significantly from month to month, the top ten most watched games on major streaming platform Twitch stay steady. League of Legends is now the most-watched eSport in the world. For those unfamiliar with esports, it’s also worth emphasizing that the most popular titles aren’t typical sports-related video games like Madden or FIFA. Rather, popular esports genres include multiplayer online battle arenas (where a player controls a single character in a team that must destroy the opposing team’s main building), real-time strategy (where a player builds an army to gain dominance over a map), and first-person shooter games (where a player controls a single character in a team that must destroy the opposing team’s main building). jbo88vn is a Vietnamese betting site offering online sports betting, eSports, live casino and lotteries.


Becoming a top esports player is no easy feat. Players advance through the ranks by specializing in a certain game and honing their talents via extended, competitive play. Some people practice for up to 14 hours a day to improve their reflexes and multitasking abilities. Talented players have essentially two alternatives for furthering their esports careers.


 “Streamers” are gamers who livestream themselves while playing video games. This is common in casual gaming. While streaming may be quite successful, many streamers must choose between broadcasting for a job and playing professionally, which may result in less money.

That being said, not all streamers are skilled enough to play professionally. Instead, others just have “streaming personalities” that people like following, donating to, and subscribing to. For the most successful, this can result in enormous revenue streams.


Professional Playing

The few that make it to the professional level participate in tournaments against the greatest teams from all around the world. During their journey, players generally develop a fan base for themselves as well as the clubs and organizations for whom they play (similar to how LeBron James has a fan base whether he’s with the Heat or the Cavaliers). Successful professional gamers may make six-figure incomes, if not millions.Top players often begin their professional careers at the age of 16 or 17, and they typically retire at the age of 35.

Of course, there are differences across games and publishers, but esport s players often begin and conclude their careers far earlier than the average professional athlete. Retired esports pros may choose to broadcast themselves, coach esports teams, form their own team, work for publishers, or exit the industry entirely.


Professional players fight for financial rewards by joining teams (in multi-player games) or playing solo (in 1v1 games). Each team focuses on and competes in a single game, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, or Counter-Strike. These teams have millions of Twitter followers, millions watching online, and tens of thousands of viewers following them to in-person competitions. Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and Optic Gaming are a few instances.

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